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How Does It Work?

Effortlessly unleash the power of MailToon with our simple 1-2-3 process, combining one video and one CSV file to generate thousands of compelling videos that turbocharge your lead generation efforts.

Upload Your Video

Go choose to upload or record your video which you want to play as background at the bottom left of the personalized videos. 

Import Your CSV

Upload the file that holds the names of your potential prospects and other key information such as their company's name, job title, and more. Be sure to include the website URLs of your leads.

Generate 1000 of Videos

Mailtoon will produce your personalized video and provide you with a file that contains video links and HTML email codes. You can easily upload this file into your preferred outreach tool.

Pricing Table

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500 Video Credits

Export Leads to CSV

(5 Formats)




3000 Video Credits

Export Leads to CSV

(5 Formats)




20000 Video Credits

Export Leads to CSV

(5 Formats)

Frequently Asked Questions

Allow us to address any inquiries you may have regarding MailToon and provide you with all the information you need about our platform.

What is MailToon

MailToon is an innovative email marketing tool that combines the power of personalized video with email campaigns. It allows users to create and embed customized videos directly into their emails, delivering engaging and impactful messages to their recipients. With MailToon, businesses can enhance their email marketing strategies, increase engagement rates, and leave a lasting impression on their audience.

How does Mailtoon work?

MailToon simplifies the process of integrating personalized videos into your email marketing campaigns. Import a list of prospect details, record customized video messages, and let MailToon automatically generate personalized videos for each recipient. Easily send the videos via email or export them for use with your preferred outreach tool. With MailToon, you can effortlessly create engaging and impactful video messages, making a memorable impression on your prospects.

What advantages does MailToon bring to the table?

MailToon offers time-saving automation, personalized video creation at scale, increased prospect engagement, improved response and meeting conversion rates, and comprehensive video engagement tracking and analytics. Elevate your email marketing with MailToon's powerful features.

In what ways can MailToon assist in increasing the number of meetings booked with prospects?

Effortlessly incorporate personalized videos into your outreach with MailToon. Capture attention, build rapport, and increase response rates for more meaningful meetings with prospects. Elevate your outreach strategy with MailToon and unlock greater engagement and conversions.

How does MailToon streamline the process of prospecting?

Mailtoon automates the creation of personalized videos, allowing you to reach out to prospects at scale and save valuable time on repetitive tasks. You can also export your videos and set up a campaign with your favorite outreach tool.

Does MailToon have the capability to integrate with my current email outreach tools?

MailToon offers seamless integration with popular email outreach tools such as Instantly, Lemlist, and others. This ensures a smooth and effortless process of incorporating personalized videos into your email campaigns, enhancing your outreach strategy with ease.

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